Building Security and Compliance Programs with Senior Management Buy-In

October 25, 2022

An Information Security Program aims to support the business’ overall mission to help the organization mitigate, transfer, accept or avoid information security risks related to people, processes, and technology. Learn from the experts how to build a robust security and compliance program.

A few discussion points:

  • Ensure appropriate reporting lines are established up to C-level management
  • Establish Committees that regularly sit and discuss security and operational risks
  • Quantify risks for C-level management to understand the consequences
  • Make sure C-level management understands regulatory requirements, how to ensure compliance and the consequences for non-compliance
  • Ensure that environmental changes are communicated with possible impacts and consequences
  • Establish reporting requirements that target the right audience with the right content


Stas Bojoukha, Founder and CEO at Compyl

Jimmy Tom, AVP, Information Technology and Infrastructure at Financial Horizons Group

Branden Wagner, Information Security Enthusiast at Mercury

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