Security at Compyl

Scale your organization securely with Compyl, the trusted solution for continuous information security and compliance monitoring.

We are a Trusted Partner

Data Security

Compyl monitors our customer environments and stores all data in secure databases with encryption passwords protecting all assets. We use tools like Azure Key Vault, Microsoft Identity, Microsoft Authorization, and Secure Private endpoints. All uploaded files to Compyl are encrypted and stored in Microsoft Blob Storage.

Application Security

Compyl has partnerships with many of the leading third-party penetration services worldwide. We constantly evaluate the source code, running applications, and the deployed environments of our customers. To further protect customer environments, we store all API keys in Microsoft Key Vault and test Compyl against unit and automation testing to allow for a safe and friendly user experience. For further analysis, all internal customer environment errors are logged in Microsoft Log Analytics.

Infrastructure Security

Compyl uses Azure Web Apps to host our customer environments. We leverage all security products embedded within the Azure eco-system, including Key Vault, Blob Storage, Log Analytics, Virtual Networks, and Private Endpoints. The Compyl application is powered by a REST API utilizing a microservices architecture. Every call to and from our customer environment is secured using HTTPS protocols.

We practice what we preach

SOC 2 Type II

Monitoring thousands of environments daily

Rapidly mature your security program with Compyl

An all-in-one streamlined solution created by information security experts.

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