MAS Regulation

TheMonetaryAuthorityof Singapore(MAS) is Singapore’s central bank and financial regulatory authority.

Streamline MAS requirements

MAS established the Technology Risk Management (TRM) guidelines, which define risk management principles and best practices to guide financial institutions in developing a sound and robust technology risk governance.

While this guideline can present challenges for teams to comply with, Compyl efficiently manages the entire process by integrating with financial institutions’ technology and centralizing all TRM controls into one location.

Who needs to comply with MAS?

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) established the Technology Risk Management (TRM) guidelines, which apply to all Financial Institutions that MAS regulates, ranging from large banks, insurers, and exchanges to venture capital managers and payments services firms.

A Scalable Security Solution That Aligns With Your Goals

Compyl works with the tech your organization uses today. From AWS to Workday, and nearly every platform in between, this service seamlessly integrates from day one. Unlike cookie-cutter approaches, Compyl extracts critical data and transposes the information wherever and whenever your organization needs it.

Compyl’s unique query language cross-references data from multiple sources to uncover granular details otherwise missed. Powerful and user-friendly, these checks can be set to run as frequently as your business model requires.

A new level of efficiency brought to security

As organizations grow, they encounter new challenges. Compyl’s wide variety of functionality and flexibility allows our platform to be a true solution.

We have a team of experts that offer guidance along your security journey to ensure mitigation strategies are in place and best practices are always implemented.

End-to-end Compliance Automation Platform

MAS established the Technology Risk Management (TRM) guidelines, which define risk management principles and best practices to guide financial institutions to develop a sound and robust technology risk governance and oversight.

Centralized Compliance Platform

A single location to manage an organization's entire information security and compliance program.

Workflow Automation

Assign ownership and track the progress of each control. Maintain visibility during the entire MAS journey.

Multiple Framework Mapping

A new level of efficiency. Quickly align with new frameworks or regulations by mapping similar controls to one another.

Automated Evidence Gathering

Reduce error-prone, redundant, manual tasks and streamline evidence gathering through Compyl's automation.

Securely Scale

Compyl's platform puts a proper security program in place, and lets organizations focus on growing their business.

Automated Regulatory Updates

Adapt quickly to new industry requirements, expansion, and other needs that affect the organization.

Rapidly mature your security program with Compyl

An all-in-one streamlined solution created by information security experts.

Monitoring thousands of environments daily
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