How We Got Here

Our mission is to establish a robust, trustworthy, and repeatable information security ecosystem for our customers.

Compyl team

Trailblazers Creating New Markets

Compyl was founded in 2020 after both founders and former CISOs, Stas Bojoukha and Simon Shaddock, agreed there had to be a better way to maintain proper security across an organization. At that point, Companies were forced to stitch together multiple single-solution security tools in the hope of having an answer to the question, “Are we secure?”. That has been a difficult question to answer until now.

Information security experts designed Compyl to be an all-in-one approach to this challenge. We empower organizations with our enterprise-level information security and compliance platform. Whether you are in the early stages and need to establish a proper security foundation, or an enterprise looking to bring efficiencies and automation to your security program, Compyl is the solution for you.

Our Leadership

Trust is at the center of any well-functioning team, and Compyl is no different. As our team continues to grow, we are consistent with our mission and values. 

Stas Compyl

Stas Bojoukha

CEO / Founder

Simon Shaddock


Ariel Bernstein

Customer Success Manager

Alex Salgado

Lead Software Engineer

Daniel Tangney Compyl

Daniel Tangney

Marketing Manager

Daniel Vas

Technical Information Security Officer

Life at Compyl

Building a unified team culture is vital to us. As a company supporting a hybrid work model, we also value making time for in-person engagements to develop our cohesive team unity further.

Compyl Team

Our office is located in downtown Brooklyn, NY. While we completely embrace working remotely, we enjoy having a space to meet and collaborate on projects when needed.

Our Values

We challenge the status quo by critically thinking of innovative ways to solve the problems organizations face in the information security and compliance industry.


Determined to do something & refuse to give up.


Ability to find clever ways to overcome difficulties.


Ability to do it again tomorrow.

Monitoring thousands of environments daily

Rapidly mature your security program with Compyl

An all-in-one streamlined solution created by information security experts.

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