How it Works

Learn how we can rapidly mature and streamline your security program.

Monitoring thousands of environments daily

Rapidly mature your security program with Compyl

Compyl aggregates data from multiple sources within your organization into a single platform. This allows customers to gain visibility, establish baselines, and continuously improve upon their security while growing their business. 


  • Guided through the initial setup configuration.
  • Identify current organizational goals.
  • Upon completion, tasks begin to get assigned.

Automation Engine

  • Streamline processes with repeatable routines
  • Eliminate manual, error-prone, and redundant tasks.
  • Maintain continuous security and compliance.

Policies, Standards, Procedures, & Privacy

  • Generate custom policies based on your organization’s requirements. 
  • Implement policies, standards, and procedures through a centralized system.
  • Gain visibility and avoid organizational lapses.

Tasks Management

  • A central location for all tasks that must be completed to maintain continuous security and compliance. 
  • Understand the relationship between each task and the associated controls.  
  • Track and trend security and compliance weekly, monthly or yearly.

Certification, Regulatory Compliance, and Policy Frameworks

  • No one-size-fits-all approach, completely customizable controls.
  • Maintain continuous compliance across multiple frameworks.
  • Streamline new framework adoption as the organization grows.

Risk Register

  • Link risks to relevant assets, systems, categories, vendors, and controls.
  • qualitative and quantitative risk analysis
  • Generate quarterly and annual risk reports to track and trend risk mitigation strategies.

Incident Register

  • Standardize how an organization responds to an incident. 
  • Trigger incident response playbooks
  • Escalate each incident to appropriate stakeholders.

Vendor Register

  • Streamline vendor assessments for all current and future vendors, suppliers, and 3rd parties. 
  • Secure low-risk, best-in-class vendors.
  • Avoid reputational damages, lost business, legal fees, and fines.

Contact Register

  • Centralize all contracts across an organization.
  • Avoid contract lapses, and allow for re-negotiation time.
  • Qualitative and quantitative contract analysis

IT Asset Register

  • Standardize how IT assets are evaluated.
  • Gain insights with availability and criticality scoring.
  • Maintain complete visibility into your IT asset landscape with full asset management.

Rapidly mature your security program with Compyl

An all-in-one streamlined solution created by information security experts.

A single platform for end-to-end information security and compliance.

Eliminate silos in your organization. Proprietary integrations continuously consolidate information to streamline regulatory compliance, security intelligence and organizational control.

Gain Visibility
Compyl Policy Managment V5.1.0


Integrate into current infrastructure to gain deeper insight into what is operating well and uncover the gaps that need to be addressed within the organization.

Establish Baseline
Compyl Tasks V5.1.0


Centralize the most critical information by aggregating your data and turning it into actionable insights. 

Continuous Compliance
Compyl Compliance Dashboard


Grow with confidence while adapting quickly to industry requirements, expansion, and other needs you face. 

End-to-end InfoSec and Compliance Automation Platform

Automate, manage, and customize your end-to-end security program, all in one centralized platform. 

Centralized Compliance Platform

A single location to manage an organization's entire information security and compliance program.

Workflow Automation

Assign ownership and track the progress of each control. Maintain visibility during the entire compliance journey.

Multiple Framework Mapping

A new level of efficiency. Quickly align with new frameworks or regulations by mapping similar controls to one another.

Automated Evidence Gathering

Reduce error-prone, redundant, manual tasks and streamline evidence gathering through Compyl's automation.

Securely Scale

Compyl's platform puts a proper security program in place, and lets organizations focus on growing their business.

Automated Regulatory Updates

Adapt quickly to new industry requirements, expansion, and other needs that affect the organization.

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