Audit Prep

All the InfoSec and Compliance Essentials

Close new deals, confirm product-market fit, and secure new funding. Investing in security from the start helps clear away obstacles that might slow your progress later on. 

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See the big picture now

We designed the starter tier with founders, CTO, and alike in mind so they could focus less on security and compliance and more on growing their business. This program allows for a proper foundation that will allow your organization to scale securely while quickly adapting to industry requirements, expansion, and other inevitable needs you will face.

Understand early on, Compliance doesn't mean Security

Due to a flood of audit preparation solutions in the market, start-ups are often left to believe that if they align with a compliance framework, they will be secure. This type of thinking couldn’t be further from the truth.

A compliance framework offers guidance, but if these tasks are only seen as a “check box” exercise, they will have minimal effect on the organization’s overall security posture.

End-to-end Compliance Automation Platform

Compyl will scale with your organization as your needs evolve. Today your focus may be on a SOC 2 certification, but as you scale, Compyl will support your growth by proactively implementing risk mitigation strategies and adapting quickly to industry requirements.


Assign ownership and track the progress of each control. Maintain visibility as you achieve your first certification.

Custom Policy Development

Work with our Information Security professionals to develop policies tailored to your organizations.

Single Sign-On

Allow a user to use login credentials such as username and password or multi-factor authentication to access applications.

Tasks Management

A central location for all tasks that must be completed to maintain continuous security and compliance.

Automated Gap Analysis

Identify the areas of weakness within an organization and then implement proper security controls to improve the overall security posture.

Risk Management

Bring consistency to how an organization evalutes risk with a centralized log for all users.

Take your business to the next level

Become the authority in your space!

G2 Summer 2024 Reports are out, and our users love Compyl!

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Audit Prep

  • Unlimited users, Unlimited Integrations, Single Sign On.
  • Small businesses beginning to build a compliance and audit program.​
  • Compliance and Audits are required.
  • We're trying to expand our capability, reduce effort and automate tasks.
  • 1 Frameworks (SOC 2 or ISO 27001)
  • Shared Customer Service Associated
  • User training on Compyl
  • Readiness Assessment
  • Automated Control Monitoring
  • Tasks Management
  • Asset Management
  • Vendor List Management
Start Ups


  • Everything in Audit Prep Tier.
  • Small to Medium size businesses with security program in place.
  • Compliance and Audits are required
  • We're trying to expand our capability, reduce effort and automate tasks.
  • Up to 5 Frameworks
  • Dedicated InfoSec Manager
  • Security Awareness Training
  • Invite Auditors
  • Shareable Security Report
  • Vendor Management
  • Personal Onboarding
  • Risk Management
Most Popular


  • Everything in GRC Tier.
  • Medium to Large enterprise with established compliance programs.
  • Automation and compliance is key to our business.
  • Impressive Security and Compliance maturation.
  • Unlimited Frameworks
  • Phishing Training
  • Custom Forms
  • Custom Reporting and Dashboarding
  • Contract Management
  • Incident Management
  • OSINT Integration
  • Audit Management
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