What Is Workflow Automation and How Does It Help Your Business?

April 27, 2023

Across all industries, the need has never been greater for efficiency. To make the maximum impact, businesses everywhere are looking for the tools they need to equip their teams for optimal results, and workflow automation is a big part of how they can achieve that.

Workflow automation can help your business

What Is Workflow Automation? 

Automating a workflow involves organizing the steps and tasks that need to get done and the delegation of those tasks to software that can complete them. This is done to save the human power of a business valuable time and energy that can then be applied to more intellectually demanding jobs.

This automation is generally set up to increase the efficiency of a team and achieve consistency in results. It can also be a method of ensuring that codes and laws are complied with in the details of a company’s workflows. Therefore, it is especially applicable to those tasks that are made up of multiple simple steps, are repetitive, and are required to be completed the same way every time.

Why Should You Incorporate Workflow Automation in Your Business?

There are a number of reasons why companies are looking toward automating as much of their workflow as possible.

Financial Benefit 

Because redundant and repetitive administrative tasks, such as notifications and email follow-ups, can take up hours and hours of work, they can cost a company in the long run in a couple of different ways. First, a company might need to hire out or contract some of the tasks they need to be completed, which can increase the personnel cost of that business significantly on an annual basis. Second, if they don’t automate these tasks, businesses can put a strain on their teams and thus slow down productivity, which can also affect their bottom line over time. By adopting a robust system for automating these workflows, a company can cut these superfluous costs and save money.

Regulatory Compliance 

Compliance with  regulations such as HIPAA  is an important aspect of many industries, and even when every person in a business is careful to pay attention, it’s impossible to achieve complete compliance when human error is a factor. With the right workflow automation in place, compliance can be built into the very fabric of business systems and compliance issues can be avoided.

Maximized Energy 

Surveys show that the vast majority of small and medium businesses’ employees spend their energy weekly on  time-consuming tasks that could be automated. By setting up automation to handle such things as data entry, email templates, and scheduling, employees are freed up to pour their best efforts into higher-value responsibilities such as customer care, content creation, and one-on-one mentorship and development. Not surprisingly, those high-value tasks are often the ones that get pushed out of the way by the minutiae that could simply be taken care of with automation.

Compyl Can Take Your Workflow Automation to the Next Level 

If you’re looking to achieve maximum efficiency even while protecting against costly errors in any area of your organization, Compyl can take your workflow automation to the next level.  Contact us to find out how our software is designed to be the ultimate resource for any department you’re looking to better equip for success. We’re here to make your business more productive than it’s ever been. 

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