Steps To Help You Stay on Top of Regulatory Changes

January 03, 2023

How To Consistently Keep Up With Regulatory Changes and Updates

Information and data security is an evolving landscape. Security measures must adapt as cybercriminals become more adept at breaking down security barriers. To ensure companies take necessary steps to protect data and information, regulatory requirements change to incorporate new compliance standards.

Staying on top of relevant regulatory changes and updates is challenging, but remaining in compliance is essential for your company and your customers. Here are a few tips that can help.

Compyl - Steps To Help You Stay on Top of Regulatory Changes

Determine Which Regulatory Changes Are Relevant

The number of regulations governing data and information security is increasing. Though some laws, such as the U.S.’sGramm-Leach-Bliley Actor the European Union’sGeneral Data Protection Regulation, have broad applications across multiple industries, other rules are more specialized. Additionally, states implement cyber security laws for businesses operating within their borders.

Not every law will apply to your industry. It’s critical to know which ones do. Governments do not consider a lack of knowledge about a law’s existence as an excuse for non-compliance.

Assign a Team To Monitor Laws

Regulatorybodies are passing new rules and implementing regulatory changes with increasing frequency. It is helpful to assign a team to monitor the regulatory landscape. The team would be responsible for staying on top of new developments relevant to your industry. They can do so using multiple methods, such as:

  • Following specialized social media accounts
  • Visiting governing agency websites
  • Monitoring the Federal Trade Commission’s data privacy page
  • Signing up for monthly newsletters from security experts

If you assign a team these tasks, make sure they have the time to complete them.

Implement Regular Information Security Management System Assessments

Your business is responsible for complying with relevant laws. Another way to ensure you stay on top of regulatory changes is to implement a schedule for assessing your security framework. In doing so, you can determine whether your system is out of compliance due to changing requirements.

If you have any certifications, such as those for ISO 27001, you are required to conduct assessments to maintain certification. However, scheduling an annual evaluation is a good idea even if you don’t have a certificate that requires it.

Automate Regulatory Updates

You can save your business time and money byautomating your security system. An all-in-one information and data security compliance software system can streamline your entire security process. The right software simplifies the steps to compliance while keeping your system up to date with regulatory changes.

You need software that integrates with your business’s current technologies and can reduce human effort and error. It should also help you efficiently create internal policies and procedures that align with current regulatory requirements and alert you when a security risk or policy change needs your attention.

Keep Up With Regulatory Changes With Compyl

Compyl’s no-code information security and compliance automation platform reduces the burden of staying on top of regulatory changes. Our system aggregates data from multiple sources to ensure an efficient and effective information security system that maintains regulatory compliance, with automated updates when requirements change, allowing you to adapt quickly.Request a demoto learn more about what we can do for you.

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