8 Ways Compliance Automation Saves You Time

April 01, 2024
A man uses software to automate compliance.

Organizations today spend a lot of time and money implementing new strategies and overseeing compliance with cybersecurity policies, legislation, and regulations. Businesses in the financial sector specifically need to ensure that their operations are resilient to minimize the risk of extensive disruptions.

Businesses face the threat of disruptions due to many factors, and effective cybersecurity measures can help to mitigate some of them. Many companies don’t have chief information security officers and will benefit from implementing compliance automation.

Compyl offers a reliable platform that automates your organization’s compliance and information security. Our automation engine integrates with your current systems and continuously gathers and validates data to give you real-time reports.

What Is Compliance Automation?

Compliance automation uses technology to perform tasks integral to maintaining an organization’s compliance with procedures, laws, and policies. Ensuring compliance is extremely time-consuming and costly when done manually.

Disruptions in operations can devastate your organization and others that might depend on it. Compliance automation is an effective way to reduce the risk of disruptions and prepare your company to address them if they do occur.

Why Is Compliance Automation Important?

Mistakes caused by human error can be extremely costly. Employees can inadvertently enter incorrect data, forget to perform vital tasks, and fail to communicate pertinent information. They can also react incorrectly to cybersecurity threats, potentially allowing a system breach.

Remaining compliant with various laws, regulations, and policies protects your company. Failure to do so can result in fines and an increased risk of security vulnerabilities and exposure. Any exposure can damage your company’s reputation and create confidentiality concerns.

Compliance automation keeps track of the rules and regulations that your company and its employees must follow and constantly monitors all aspects of your business to ensure legal and cybersecurity compliance and operational resiliency. It identifies potential risks and notifies you, giving you peace of mind.

Because Compyl automates and streamlines processes, you won’t need as many man hours to accomplish these tasks, reducing payroll costs.

How Does Compliance Automation Save Time?

Any of the following tasks can take countless hours to perform manually. Compyl can automate these functions and also provide continuous monitoring. We’ll immediately inform you about the problem areas you need to address.

1. Data Gathering

Data gathering is an important part of compliance automation.

Decision-makers rely on data to stay informed about all aspects of their organizations. Gathering this data manually means that people at all levels have to spend time inputting it and sharing it with other key personnel. If one person fails to comply, you’ll need to take the time to communicate with them and wait for them to reply and perform their duties.

Compyl gathers data automatically. If someone in your organization isn’t performing their assigned tasks, you’ll get a notification immediately. This allows you to address the situation before it becomes critical.

2. New Regulation Integration

Governments, industries, and companies can implement new policies anytime, and your organization needs to comply. You’ll save time by using compliance automation because your platform will update as new regulations take effect and ensure that your business follows them.

Large organizations that operate in several states face additional challenges when it comes to compliance. Each state may have different legislation or regulations, and your company needs to follow them. Implementing compliance automation across your entire company ensures that your locations comply with local requirements.

3. Employee Training and Testing

Employee compliance with your organization’s cybersecurity measures is crucial. They need to understand their responsibilities and how to react to potential security risks.

Compyl can implement and oversee training to ensure that authorized users know how to identify and react to vulnerabilities. We can also verify that employees follow set procedures.

4. Real-Time Overview

Outdated information can skew decisions and results. In some situations, basing a decision on data that is even five minutes old can create substantial problems.

With Compyl, you can view real-time data in one place, and we ensure that what you see is accurate. In addition, you’ll know at a glance whom to contact with any questions.

5. Workflow Automation

Your company likely has set procedures for performing many tasks. Specific people are responsible for completing them according to these guidelines before deadlines.

Compyl can automate many tasks to free your employees to deal with other things. In addition, our Information Security Management system identifies and lists every task, the person assigned to complete it, and the timeline for completion. This reduces security risks and ensures that your organization remains compliant with regulatory frameworks.

6. Efficient Performance

Humans become less efficient when they are tired and face many potential distractions throughout a work day. These distractions can be as simple as needing to eat and as complicated as dealing with an unrelated emergency that prevents them from completing other tasks.

Machines don’t get tired or distracted. They work 24/7 and can complete several tasks simultaneously, so Compyl’s platform can complete them in a fraction of the time.

7. Data Security

Every organization that stores data must adhere to privacy regulations and laws. Cybersecurity measures and strategies attempt to minimize the risks of data breaches, but determined attackers can still find weaknesses.

Compliance automation requires all users to follow your company’s policies regarding cybersecurity. Compyl can identify potential weaknesses and notify you immediately.

8. Multiple Framework Streamlining

Most organizations have many key frameworks in place. Assigning employees to monitor every aspect of these frameworks continuously, evaluate potential risks, and report their findings can result in high costs, redundancy, and overlooked issues.

Compyl simultaneously monitors all frameworks, including regulatory compliance, policy, certification, cybersecurity, and any custom frameworks. You’ll have access to each framework’s controls and reports in one dashboard, increasing your operational efficiency and reducing the effort and time it would take to complete these functions manually.

Would You Like To Find Out More About Compyl Compliance Automation?

Compyl is a leading compliance automation platform provider. You can easily integrate our scalable tool into your existing frameworks. Doing so will save you time and money and give you peace of mind.

We offer a downloadable InfoSec guide and demos to inform professionals about how we can improve your organization’s security and compliance. Contact us today.

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