6 Reasons To Always Choose Scalable Software Solutions

May 16, 2023

An average of  50% of all businesses  fail within the first five years, and 70% fail within the first decade. Every company needs to allocate its resources wisely to survive and thrive. Choosing the right software for your business can improve operational efficiency and translate into growth opportunities.

Do you choose the least expensive software solution or one that scales as your business and software functionality needs evolve? Here are six reasons to choose scalable software.

Using scalable software can help your company succeed.

What Is Scalable Software?

When you first choose software, you want it to perform the functions your company currently needs; any more than that may waste precious financial resources. However, as your business grows, you will likely require more from your software. A scalable solution can adapt to your business’s changing needs.

There are two types of scaling: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal scaling enables you to expand functionality by adding more equipment to handle your company’s growing workload. Vertical scalability refers to expanding power in the existing infrastructure through increased memory, storage, and central processing units.

What Are the Benefits of Scalability?

Choosing scalable software is an investment decision that offers multiple benefits for your company. The top six are as follows:

  1. Long-term financial savings: Software solutions  that can scale with business needs allow you to pay for what you need at any time. You don’t need to purchase more than what you currently require to prepare for future needs, and you won’t need a complete software overhaul when your needs change.
  2. Better user experience:  If your software can’t keep up with increasing needs, the system’s performance and reliability decrease. User experience declines as well. Your staff won’t be as efficient in their jobs, and your customers may abandon the website, shopping carts, and perhaps your brand.
  3. Improved performance:  Scalable software ensures your system can handle the workload as your business grows. It retains responsiveness, speed, and reliability. The software can continue to do the job you need it to do.
  4. Reduced downtime:  Interruptions in your systems are costly. When your software grows with your business, you will see less downtime. You won’t need to take everything offline to perform upgrades, and you reduce the likelihood of the system crashing.
  5. Increases flexibility: When you can count on your software’s adaptability, you don’t have to worry about whether it will continue to meet your needs as your company’s needs change. Scalable software is flexible, allowing you to configure your system to handle more users or increased power requirements.
  6. Reduced training needs:  Switching to new software often requires staff training or at least time for employees to learn the tools and features. If you can keep the same software, it saves your staff time because the learning curve is nonexistent or negligible.

Is There Scalable Software That Helps You Meet Security and Compliance Needs?

Compyl provides scalable software for industries that need to comply with data and information security regulations and certifications. Whether you have just launched an eCommerce business or your organization is a large financial institution, our end-to-end software solution can handle your current needs and grow with your business.  Request a demo to see what we have to offer. 

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