The Rise of the vCISO

February 23, 2023

The rise of Virtual CISOs or vCISO presents an effective, flexible, and affordable alternative for organizations that need access to high-level Information Security expertise but don’t want the expense of an in-house officer.

It’s important to note though, not all vCISOs are created equally. Learn what you should look for, what expertise shows maturity and when should you move to an in-house CISO.

Listen in as Stas Bojoukha, Wil Klusovsky, and Mike Miller discuss this topic and break down what it means to hire a vCISO. Afterwards, why don’t you have a read of a recent article written to assist you in analyzing and improving your security posture.


William Klusovsky, Chief Security Architect at Avertium

Stas Bojoukha, CEO and Founder of Compyl

Mike Miller, vCISO at Appalachia Technologies, LLC

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