Instituting and Scaling Your InfoSec Program

September 08, 2022

An Information Security Program aims to support the business’ overall mission to help the organization mitigate, transfer, accept or avoid information security risks related to people, processes, and technology. Organizations often face challenges regarding how to set up a program that is effective and proportionate to the risk due to the rapidly changing technical environment; therefore, maintaining an overall Information Security Program has grown into a very complex process. 

Key Challenges that organizations face:

  • Misaligned IT and Business objectives
  • Senior management support
  • Adequate resources to support and maintain the plan
  • Policy and process generation and management
  • Understanding regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Measuring program performance
  • Enabling continuous improvement
  • Lack of Cybersecurity culture across the organization
  • Reporting and visibility of overall performance
Monitoring thousands of environments daily
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