Monitor, mitigate and remediate risk

Scale your organization securely with a robust risk management program to gain deeper insight into your most critical systems. 

Mature current program or build a new risk framework

With Compyl, establishing a comprehensive risk program across your entire organization is simple. Whether you have a risk program that will need to be integrated into Compyl or are in need of creating a new risk framework, Compyl has the functionality to facilitate your organization’s needs. 

Standardize a Risk Program

Compyl brings consistency to the way your organization evaluates risk. Now in a single location, organizations gain the ability to score, prioritize, communicate, and report risks as well as ensuring execution of a standardized risk strategy for an entire organization.

Link Risk for Clarity

Gain further insight on where risk exists in your organization by linking each risk to an asset, system, category, vendor and control. This brings the risky areas into focus and allows for the proper measures to be established to protect your organization.

Turn Information Into Action

Quantify and track risk with proper metrics and visibility. An organization is protected and ready to make decisions based on appropriate mitigating processes.

Our partners value a proper information security and compliance foundation


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