Assigning permissions to users based on their role

Making Role-Based Access Control simple to implement across your organization

Control over user access

Implementing and maintaining Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is easy with Compyl. The basic idea behind RBAC is simply that the departments shouldn’t have access to data not related to their job function. With Compyl an organization can manage each user and the permissions they have to applications and data through a single platform. They can then request access to be added or removed quickly.

Baseline access report

Compyl has capability to baseline access across the entire organization. This report will show all of the users and what access they have to each application. Then Compyl begins putting users into roles and groups based on admin, read/write or read permissions. Once this structure is in place, Compyl will monitor for any changes and send real time alerts if a user attempts to access files they don’t have access to or access is granted to unauthorized groups.

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